Sunday: Freedom of Speech Watch

I am going to try to every Sunday, expose all the infringement on people’s freedoms and especially ones of free speech. I am doing this because I think that people in the United States take it for granted most of the time.

Today’s Feature: China

As in most dictatorships or communist countries the students are taught and propagandized. I am not saying that isn’t true in a democracy, but you definitely see it a lot more in those types of countries.

In China it seems that they are removing propaganda and putting in more worldly facts.

The Economist says that they have removed things like shortening the suffering of the people before communism. This was obviously used to justify and create legitimacy to it’s government.

Then the Chinese government took it away and called it the shortest life text book in history.

China’s Newsweek that the Economist states is the second biggest media outlet called it “rash.”

The good part is that a change that hasn’t been taking away is that instead of learning about history they learn more about economics and politics.

This is really putting the test to the Chinese government to some how liberalize the nation economically while keeping the political grip tight.

I urge the United States to continue to allow freer trade with China because we are infiltrating them with our ideas. If we continue this in the long run then we will see China slowly shift into a democracy and it is a lot easier than invading.

Ask George W. Bush…or even Ronald Reagan

It’s how he took down the Soviet Union.


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