Should prostitution be legal and regulated?

In the United States it is illegal to buy and sell sex, except in a few Nevada Counties. Churchill County Esmeralda County Eureka County Lander County Lyon County Mineral County Nye County Storey County and a few other counties allow the cities to decide. The common argument for is:

“Proponents believe legalization would reduce crime, improve public health, increase tax revenue, and allow for individuals to make their own choices. Some claim legalization of prostitution is a necessary step in sexual liberation, helps people out of poverty, and gets prostitutes off the street.”

The common argument against is:

Opponents believe legalization would lead to increases in crime, illegal prostitution, sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, and human trafficking. Some argue that prostitution is inherently immoral, empowers the criminal underworld, and promotes the repression of women by men.

This comes from, which describes itself as a non-profit charity that informs people about issues giving a pro-con format.

This is not a hot button issue in the United States, but is something we face considering a lot of countries in Europe and other places make it legal. In England it isn’t illegal to sell or buy sex but it is illegal to solicit in a public place.

The Economist covered an issue in England, when prostitutes advertise in newspapers is it public solicitation? You are also only allowed to work alone. Therefore, the advertisements really work for people who are individuals and need to advertise without going on the street to do so.

If you visit Punternet you can rate “escorts, massage, and all other working ladies” just like on

After the next poll, I will put up positions and quotes from both sides. I will then put an editorial of what I personally think and the economics of prostitution.

If anyone is interesting in writing for or against, email me at If it is good, I will publish both sides on here.

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