The Soviet Union all over again…

Right after I worried about Kazakhstan fixing prices, in a previous article, Russia under Vladimir Putin is doing exactly what I warned against.

The difference is President Putin has ulterior motives.

The Economist also reports that:

“Prices on basic foods will be fixed at last week’s levels until January 31st 2008 – a period which conveniently covers the parliamentary elections in which Putin, who heads the party list of the pro-Kremlin United Russia party, is the only plausible winner.”

It goes on to tell you about how he knows exactly what he is doing and knows why it is bad. The Economist also says:

“Over half of the people believe that the price rise is because of a conspiracy between producers and speculators.”

Vladimir Putin is former KGB and those roots seem to be coming out constantly in his presidency. He has centralized the power of government. This quote from a Washington Post Article, “In Russian Media, Free Speech for a Select Few” By Peter Baker:

“In fact, under the new system, Putin will appoint governors. His selections have to be ratified by regional legislatures, but if such a legislature rejects his choice twice, it will be dissolved. As for secret ballots, Russian regional leaders have proved adept at generating the outcomes they wish.”

This is not a case of lack of information. This is a case of bigotry and totalitarianism. He is going to create a shortage of food and people will starve. If your prices were rising because of inflation and the government made you fix your prices while your costs are going up, after a while you’d go out of business. There will be unemployment in the farming and food industry and people are going to starve.

The worse part is President Putin knows exactly what he is doing. This is a crime against his own country. Thousands of people will die while he runs on the platform that he made prices “stable.” This is all because he cannot let someone else take over in the government. What is the definition of someone who does this?

Dictator…..King….no….I think a thug is the right word….

He is no better than any criminal. At least a criminal can only harm a few people but a President, who is a criminal, can harm millions.


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