Are Economists good criminals?

Fox News Reports:

Rafael Robb, once a tenured economics professor at the University of Pennsylvania, faces a likely prison sentence of 4 1/2 to seven years for bludgeoning his wife, Ellen, on Dec. 22….Robb was an expert in game theory, a complex melding of psychology, human behavior and economics — all aimed at determining what one’s adversary will do next.With that background, police say, Robb may have thought he could outsmart them.”

I found this to be interesting. A former Ivy League Professor killed his wife and tried to make it look like a burglary. They then use his economic background to explain why he did that.

That begs the question: What professor would be the best at being a criminal?

Economists: see argument above
Psychologists: They understand how people think, so they could try to get people to think differently; see Economist.
Criminal Justice: They know how the system works and even the technical stuff.
Government/Political Science: They understand their constitutional rights.
Chemistry: Can make chemicals to slip up the police or even kill their victim without a trace.
Biologists: Know how to treat the body.
Geologists: Know where to bury the body.
Marketing: Appeal the cops to a different murderer (products).
History: They could tell you how people got caught in the past.
Civil Engineer: Could work with the Geologist at creating a structure to bury the body.
Leadership: To coordinate the above.

Okay, I know this is crazy. Most people who go to college don’t commit serious crimes. They don’t need to, they make plenty of money and their opportunity costs are way too high.

But this is my Ocean’s 11 for a skilled criminal group…


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