A Message from Not Alan Keyes

“In the case of prostitution, there is no substantial argument that can be articulated as to how our society will be bettered with its legalization. There are many things for which there is a case that can be made for their legalization, peddling flesh just does not happen to be one of them. When this is tried in other societies, the results that are promised cannot be found. For instance, we can observe an increase in not just prostitution, but even illegal prostitution. The dirty little secret is that yes, even when you legalize it by allowing for instance “Houses of Ill Repute”, the society will still experience the same forms of street prostitution as it always has before. There just simply aren’t the incentives for these unscrupulous people to come in off the street and offer their services for what will undoubtedly be less money. Now, the reason that prostitution is illegal in the first place is because of the fact that it is so corrosive to the moral bedrock of society. Many of the problems that can be found in society today can be traced to the fact that sex is not something that our society holds in high regard. Higher abortion rates, increased crime, increased diseases, all of these are functions of a society that loosens its’ proverbial ‘sex’ belt if you will. Our society is a much more sexually liberated one then the one our grandparents grew up in, but all of those maladies are the cost. So many people so often look at these issues at surface and say and give it approval based on a whim without ever evaluating the real and evident consequences. A child who grows up in a society where prostitution is allowed by their government is one who grows up with a very different sense of right and wrong. Prostitution is ruining lives every day all around us, breaking up marriages, putting mothers out on the street, and even in some cases bringing corruption in the home. There is no society that can justifiably look at all of these ills that it verifiably causes to society, and allow that to on with the consent of the establishment. And even so, questions would remain if it were to be made legal. Are we going to allow children to prostitute? If a woman doesn’t want to prostitute, does that make her ineligible for government provided unemployment? Are we going to be able to look our children in the face and say “you still shouldn’t do that”? These are all question that other societies have had to come to the difficult answers with, and I am sorry, but those are societies that I would not for a moment think to trade places with when we really do have the greatest country on Earth. So, much like illegal immigration, drugs, and even underage drinking, let’s not address the problem by not calling it a problem. Let’s address the problem by fighting it with existing laws and regulations.”

Even though the other side won, this is the side of the ‘NO’s’ I think it is well written.

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