My Dream Job

In France, people get paid to watch 50,000 hours of French T.V. to make sure there are no add placements.

But in the great U.S. it is not illegal to have product placements. This is one of many reasons why our movies and television is more successful. These are revenues that are coming in giving American film and T.V. a huge advantage.

Makes me think of Wayne’s World when they go way out of their way to advertise products. (Update: Picture Added)

The Economist reports that the EU is now removing those restrictions, which is great for us free-market capitalists. The article also mentions how important this is because of things like Tivo.

I guess I never thought about that before. The demand for commercials are decreasing and the demand of product placement is going up. If done right, I believe that product placement could be more effective. I would also say that I personally would rather have no commercials with lots of product placement but maybe we aren’t there yet.

The EU though still makes it illegal to have product placement on kids programs along with placement of alcohol and cigarettes.

Wow, the Economist reports further that governments are looking in to “placing” behavior. This would be used to encourage “environmentally friendly living, safer sex or staying in school.”

This is pretty stupid. I hope the people of Europe (I doubt it) uprise (I doubt it) and demand lower taxes (I doubt it) because it is their money that is paying for this.

Leave it to the government to take something free-market and mess it up.


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