Can the NRA survive without hunters?

In the United States, for years people have hunted and killed many animals for game and food.

There are reports that in the past 10 years hunters have declined by 1.5 million people.

This is obviously because there are less areas to hunt. With those reduced areas there are probably a reduction in the number of animals out there who do no adapt well to urbanization. Then again the numbers should be going back up because there are less hunters.

The political lobbyists groups have shifted, This reported by the Economist:

“Tensions have flared recently between the rifle-wielders and the Republican top brass. In Wyoming and Colorado, hunters have opposed Bush administration efforts to expand oil- and gas-drilling. That has put them on the side of conspicuously leftish groups such as the Sierra Club.”

This brings me to the question that is at the title of the post. Can the NRA survive without the hunters? and also are hunters going to defect from Republican to Democrat?

Well let me take the second question first. I would have a hard time believing that we will see defection from Republican to Democrat. There are just too many Democrats and even some Republicans and ex-Republicans (Michael Bloomberg) who are for gun control. When I look at Rudy Giuliani, I see someone who could appeal to the masses but not to the base of the Republican party. Some people can get over abortion but a lot of people cannot get over their guns.

This leads me to the first question. Use libertarians do not like Giuliani for this very (gun) reason. I am a personal believer that pretty much anything that can take down an airplane should be heavily licence but if it can’t take out an airplane then it’s fine.

This is not because I love hunting. I respect the people that do and I personally never have. When I tell relatives I want a gun, they tell me I do not hunt. If I were to say to my mother what I will say here she might think I am crazy.

It is a fact that this country is great, but like all great countries we find ourselves spoiled. One of the things is totalitarian governments. We think that they can only happen in the Middle East, Asia, or Africa or that the country has to be Communist/Fascist to do so.

It wasn’t that long ago that the colonies thought that they would rather fight than be ruled over by a king like that. And it wasn’t that long ago, when the south said we do not want to be ruled by Abraham Lincoln.

The Colonies and the South would have never had a chance if their rights to bear arms were stripped away.

We need guns for totalitarian government. We need to be able to “shoot’ em and start over.” Without that right we are, de facto, slaves.

As hunters become a smaller and smaller group. The NRA’s membership could dwindle. We as people who believe that the Bill of Rights created a protection from the government from doing exactly what the left-wing wants to do and that is disarm America should put a stop to it.


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