Free Trade and the Constitution

Now I have to say I have only recently been introduced to Mr. Alan Keyes, who is running for President.

But while I was doing research on my NAFTA and free trade paper I came across an interesting article he wrote in May 5th 2001.

The article basically states that with these new free-trade agreements, in which I fully support, are Unconstitutional.

It is in the Constitution that it says the job of Congress to regulate commerce and trade.

With these trade agreements it creates a level of bureaucracy that has to manage this agreement.

With this bureaucracy it moves trade from the legislative branch and to the executive branch.

I personally think that you do not need bureaucracy to enforce free trade because businesses will want it.

And if free trade is free trade then what is there for a bureaucracy to do?

Nevertheless an issue that should be looked at…


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  1. NAFTA is a treaty and Article II of the Constitution requires that all treaties be approved by 2/3 majority of the U.S. Senate, which NAFTA never obtained. In fact, it was put into effect by executive order under by Bill Clinton as part of his agenda of international socialism.

    On another point, “free trade” is a concept that doesn’t exist in reality. As long as there are nation-states, there will never be free trade. It’s a fool’s errand to even attempt to pursue it. Pat Buchanan (a true conservative, unlike the neocon, Trotskyist hacks in today’s GOP) is absolutely right on this issue. In pursuit of free trade, we end up fostering socialism at home while surrendering our national sovereignty to globalist bureaucrats abroad. And if free trade is so economically beneficial, then we wouldn’t have streams of Mexicans illegally flooding across our border.

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