Knocked up, Don’t Stress

A studying after the attacks of 9/11 have found that women who were stressed about it had a better chance of having a girl than a boy.

The Economist reports that if the mother is stressed about anything during conception then the sex ratio really shifts towards girls.

They have studied this in many different cases of stress.

This from the Economist:

“Dr. Obel used a set of data collected between 1989 and 1992. During that period 8,719 expectant mother were asked to fill in questionnaires….levels of stress. Dr Obel found that the more stressed the mother had been, the less chance she had of having given birth to a boy.”

People theorize it is because when a daughter reaches adulthood she has a good chance of producing grandchildren. This while men are hunter gathers and could be killed for being weak.

I’m not so sure about this I would think that a mother would need someone to help provide for the family when she got older. Men would make more grandchildren, nevertheless, they don’t have to stick near them but you wouldn’t think evolution would assume they would run away.

What are everyone’s thoughts?

If I have children, I want one boy and one girl so I will relax my (future) wife and then stress her out a lot the second time. The question then is raised, if she is stressed then she won’t try to conceive with you or will she? Well I’d have to make it third party stress and get her boss in on it so that the burden isn’t on me.

Just Kidding….. 🙂


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  1. HAHA…Well I don’t think this is true. Yet, when I have kids I guess I’ll find out.

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