You do not have to be a genius to benefit the world!

This from the National Review:

“Toni Vernelli of Somerset, England had herself sterlized at age 27 to reduce her carbon footprint. Now aged 35, Toni, who works for – what else? – an environmental charity, tells us that she and her first husband “both passionately wanted to save the planet – not produce a new life which would only add to the problem.” The chap obligingly had a vasectomy, but the marriage fell apart anyway. Our Toni then, to her horror, got pregnant by a boyfriend. An abortion (“termination” in Toni-speak) and the sterilization followed… (she says) we feel we can make on long-haul flight a year, as we are vegan and childless…”

Now there is a problem in their reasoning…

I don’t know if people have noticed but as population has gone up, technology has grown even greater.

Who invented this technology?

People did.

Mrs. Vernelli has actually denied the word of a mind or more than that if she were to have more kids than just one.

With doing that she could be denying us from the next Einstein, the next NASA tech, the next Nobel in Economics, maybe even the next you and me.

We maybe aren’t geniuses but the more the population grows the more geniuses we have. Well her kid or you and me maybe aren’t geniuses, our kids could create one also.

You and me also benefit society in other ways.

We love….. so some guy or girl is missing their partner in life….

We laugh…… some friend is missing a friend……

We cry…….. some person is missing both friends and a partner in life to talk to…..

and most importantly we learn….. we learn by looking at the people around us….. someone is looking at you and taken your example and learning from it……

The man who invented the wheel, did not invent the car, but without the first there would have been no second….

And it doesn’t have to be something as large as the wheel or the car… it could be something we all invent within our lives….

Like when we fall in love, we do not do it as a burden to anyone, we benefit everyone around us…. the other person…. the people that look at us and say “I want something like that.”


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  1. Even in a western society the impact of a single individual on the environment is appx. = 0. Considering that all humans instinctively desire to reproduce their DNA (and yes this woman does), she is subconciously sacrificing her DNA to (as she views it) help the DNA of other individuals succed. Thank God.

  2. you arent realizing that civilization make humans socially impaired due to technological advances such as ipods phones computers CARS and televisions. It makes us sad. And we dont even know it. Is it worth to be Socially happy or technologically depressed.

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