Case Study: Rudy Giuliani & 9/11

I read one of the most interesting articles on the former mayor of New York turned Presidential candidate. This was in the National Review by David Frum, who is a senior policy advisor for Rudolph Giuliani.

He starts the article saying,

"Historically, Americans have trusted Republicans as the party of prudence and sound management. Iraq, Katrina, earmarks, and airport body searches of Eagle Scouts and wheel-chair bound grandmas have corroded that reputation."

I completely agree with this statement. We can argue whether or not Republicans have joined Democrats at supporting big government ideas. It used to be that when Republicans did do anything in the government, big or small, they could manage it well.

Mr. Frum believes that Rudy Giuliani is the answer to this problem.

He continues:

"In 1963, President Kennedy challenged that Communism could beat complete freedom: "Let them come to Berlin." Today Republicans can challenge those who assert that liberals can out-manage conservatives: "Let them come to New York."

Now no matter where you stand with your beliefs of Former Mayor Giuliani and his ideals, it is true that he did a lot of good for New York. From lower crime to 9/11.

(I said 9/11 and now I am appealing to your senses to support Giuliani for only that reason. I’ll talk about this in a min.)

I think both of these statements make a strong case for Giuliani. As you take the problem and apply Giuliani as a solution.

He continues:

"Giuliani’s accomplishment was put to the ultimate test on 9/11. Compare what happened in New York that day with what happened in New Orleans fur years later. The mayor did not panic. Public order was consistently maintained. There was no looting, no law-breaking, no criminal activity. An evacuation of about half a million people from lower Manhattan proceeded smoothly and safely. The local economy recovered almost immediately."

Look as I do not agree with Giuliani on everything, I do think it is okay for him to talk about 9/11. People, especially the conservative base, criticize Giuliani for talking about 9/11. I think this is morally wrong and will keep people from looking at all of Giuliani’s record like the one above that makes you weigh the fact that during a crisis he was a good manager.

Every candidate has a critical moment that they want the American people to know about and award them with vote for. It just so happens that Giuliani’s is one of the biggest in our history. Here are the list of the candidate and what I believe to be their 9/11.

  • Mitt Romney – Salt Lake City Olympics
  • Ron Paul – Voting no on earmarks and the war.
  • Mike Huckabee – Fighting the Clinton machine in Arkansas
  • John McCain – POW
  • Duncan Hunter – Has none that’s why he is losing
  • Tom Tancredo – Having first hand experience on the border with border patrol
  • Fred Thompson – I’m not sure yet

I mean whether you admit it or not the first words that come to most peoples minds when it comes to these people if you have a favorable opinion of them have something to do with these "experiences." (Except Romney some people might think Mormon.)

Then you have to look at ideas.

With Giuliani, a lot of people do not know his positive ideas, the know his negative ones and call him a liberal.

With Romney, his ideas lag but he is still working on getting them out there and I am sure he will.

With Ron Paul, 99% of his campaign is built on ideas that people don’t hear often like gold standard, eliminating the Dept. of Education, and getting rid of the income tax and replace with nothing.

With Mike Huckabee, most of his campaign also is built on ideas and a lot of his supporters like him because of his conservatism and of course a huge idea the FairTax (which won the poll on here.)

With Tom Tancredo, his idea is stopping illegal immigration.

With Duncan Hunter, his ideas are not getting out there if he has any different than the other candidates.

With Fred Thompson, he started out as an ideal that crashed and now he is working on good healthcare and tax ideas that have just come out recently.

Moral to the story is when people choose a candidate they look at what they did and what they say.

And I’d hate to say it but Rudy Giuliani was mayor of New York during 9/11 and instead of the conservative base being ashamed of it and trying to make Rudy ashamed of it, lets embrace it.

All this is the base worrying that unintelligent voters will only see 9/11 and vote blindly.

I’ll leave you with this article’s conclusion:

"We must avoid the mistake we made in 1996, when we picked a candidate because he made us feel comfortable – with little regard to how the majority of Americans would feel about him."

Only one of the candidates above will be the Republican nominee so choose so wisely and do not always give up principle but at the same time pick someone with ideas and experience who the general public will love.

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