Case Study: Fred Thompson

In former Senator Fred Thompson’s article in the National Review written by Johnathan Adler, he makes an interesting point:

"Some worry that Thompson doesn’t want the presidency badly enough. In an era when politicians plan their political moves years, if not decades, in advance. Thompson is almost an accidental candidate: someone willing to run if the people want him on his terms. This ay be his greatest liability – bit it should also be an asset in wooing conservatives to his cause."

Why in a era were Republicans were elected in 1994 to end career politicians and enact term limits, we punish those who don’t look or sound like career politicians?

Fred Thompson entered the race to give people options. There were not what the base to be considered very conservative candidates, so they found one. As soon as he entered he looked premature and not like the ideal that they imagined.

If you hate career politicians then stop rewarding them and punishing those who aren’t.

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