The History of Russia by Russia

It seems as if the Kremlin and President Putin have endorsed a new textbook for their students in the great state of Russia.

President Putin was quoted saying this:

“Russian history contain some problematic pages, but so did other states’ histories. We have fewer of them than other countries. And they were less terrible than in some other countries. We can’t allow anyone to impose guilt on us.”

Oh no, we wouldn’t want to impose guilt on a nation that less than 30 years ago wouldn’t allow citizens to speak up. They wouldn’t allow them to have religion and controlled the food to the point of starvation.

The Economist reports that schools can still choose what book they want but the Kremlin is hinting at undoing that.

It is one thing to leave out stuff but its another to pick bad things and call them good.

“The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 is not seen as a watershed from which a new history begins, but as an unfortunate and tragic mistake that hindered Russia’s progress.”

They also go on to justify Stalin’s dictatorship as something that had to happen because Russia was fighting a cold war with America.

Interesting that we won the cold war but didn’t NEED a dictator.

This is not only an important test to the government of Russia, but its a buyer beware to other countries.

Most of all countries’ governments are in the business of education and even in a democracy like ours some things are misrepresented.

We some times glorify unions, many economists believe FDR policies during the great depression prolonged it, Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle is also glorified when he was a socialist, and other minor things like how awesome cowboys were.

As it is near impossible to know everything about everything, try to be fair with a source and look at all angles.


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