Putin picks successor

20060630_moscu_dmitry_medvedev_320 Since President Putin is no longer allowed to run for President anymore, he has picked a replacement.

Meet Dmitry Medvedev, who currently serves as a deputy minister that deals with health, housing, and education.

From the BBC:

"We have the chance to form a stable government after the elections in March 2008. And not just a stable government, but one that will carry out the course that has brought results for all of the past eight years," Mr Putin said.

Putin is right about one thing, Russia needs more of a stable government. One where the president cannot take as much power as he likes.

Supposedly Mr. Medvedev is very economically liberal, which is liberal as in the classical form not the U.S. definition.

He was quoted saying:

"We are well aware that no non-democratic state has ever become truly prosperous"

Well hopefully he will bring more democracy to Russia.

Only time will tell….

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  1. Yeah considering far china has been able to come with out democracy, i have a hard time believing he believes that whole heartedly. Putin’s whole staff needs to take a hike. But i guess only the Russian People can decide

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