Romanian Pigs

On January first of this year Romania joined the European Union.

But there is a problem…..

The EU has a problem with how Romanian’s kill their pigs in their own backyards.

It is a tradition to kill pigs around Christmas time.

This from the Economist:

“Officials in Bucharest say that Christmas pigs are killed around the feast of St. Ignatius, on December 20th. They may be sprinkled with holy water. Adults watching the slaughter will traditionally be fasting, and will not eat the festive dishes derived from the pig (jellied bits of head, pock cabbage rolls with polenta, blood sausages, and so on) until Christmas Eve. Some village schools are give pupils the day off for the pig killing, and children are fed singed bits of skin to cheer them up.”

The European Union wants them to use a stun-gun basically before they kill it.

Problem #1: It is expensive for every household to buy one for a holiday once a year.

Problem #2: It snows a lot and there is a risk of shocking themselves.

Now Romanians aren’t rich and they have this tradition, as weird as it is, I believe they have the right to it.

This is why central planning doesn’t work.

People have different needs in different regions and you cannot enforce your believes on them.

Who says you are right?

Especially when it costs someone else a lot of money? or pain?


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