Where is your Congressman today?

Punch Clock Campaign is bring a whole new level to transparency in Congress.

This is from the email I was sent:

“Beginning in 2006, the Sunlight Foundation launched the Punch Clock Campaign, asking all candidates for congressional office – challengers and incumbents – to promise, if elected, to post their daily schedules on the Internet. Lawmakers who agree to share their schedules, including who they’ve met with and why, show that they are responsive, open, transparent and above all accountable, leading to greater public trust.”

I am not sure how good of an idea this is. I would imagine it would kind of create a security issue.

I wonder if the Congressmen not listed there, if you called their offices whether they would give you your Congressmen’s schedule or not.

I completely believe in transparency but I can find out exactly where this guy is going to be.

How about a web site that tells us for every vote they have ever voted for and pork they have brought in?

UPDATE: They have informed me that they only release the schedules the day after. See comments.

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  1. Thanks for the post. To address security concerns, the Sunlight Foundation advocates for members of Congress to post their schedules one day after their occurrence.

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