…O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree…


Businessweek says that oil isn’t the only thing that China is demanding more of.

They are demanding more Christmas Trees.

“According to the German timber industry’s umbrella organization, the HDH, demand for Christmas trees is rising due to increasing exports and the growing number of single-person households. Meanwhile the supply of trees has decreased because several thousand hectares of tree plantations in Germany have been given over to more profitable uses, such as lucrative biofuel crops.”


“We don’t have enough goods to keep up with Chinese demand,” says Christian von Burgsdorff, who runs a Christmas tree company in the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein. Around 28 million Christmas trees were sold last year in Germany, the highest figure on record.”

This is interesting for multiple reasons.

First, it is classic supply and demand. The demand is exceeding supply and the price is being raised.

Second, this is an industry that has to plan way ahead of time of how much to grow and this creates a small problem.

Third, (and most important) Did anyone notice I said China is demanding and importing more trees?

While on the same day that this article was written a Christian NewsWire was writing about 270 house church pastors being detained. This is what they had to say about it:

“The humiliation these pastors received by being led away in handcuffs as common criminals, for attending a Bible study is an unjustifiable act of religious persecution. In addition, the large scale and high profile of the detentions shows the apathy of Chinese officials in moving towards a policy for toleration of religious freedom. Behavior unbecoming of the World’s host for the Olympic games in 2008.”

I definitely think that China needs religious freedoms but I think it’s great, that a country that is banned from having religion is importing Christmas trees.

And not just a little bit…. so much that they are raising the world price of the trees.

This is a good sign that freedom will soon be ringing in China. Communism will not be able to hold the will of these people.

Oh, and as a little joke….

Remember tell your dad or husband that when he is cussing about the pine needles and sap on the carpet (like my dad has for years) tell them there are hungry kids in China without Christmas trees.

Thanks to a loyal reader for pointing this out.


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