How to fix traffic problems…

Studies show that the people who spend the most on car insurance, as in getting more options, are involved in the least amount of accidents. While the people who do not spend hardly any money or sometimes none get involved in the most accidents.

This is because one group is responsible and the other is not.

We have also seen an increase in accidents since airbags, because people feel safer and become more careless shifting their "thought consumption" somewhere else. George Mason’s own, Gordon Tullock, once said that if you want people to drive safer replace the airbag with a dagger.

So western part of Germany is taking some of this advice, this from the Washington Post:

"The usual remedies — from safety crossings to speed traps — did no good. So the citizens of Bohmte decided to take a big risk. Since September, they’ve been tearing up the sidewalks, removing curbs and erasing street markers as part of a radical plan to abandon nearly all traffic regulations and force people to rely on common sense and courtesy instead."

Is this going to work? This is raising the costs of moving your "thought consumption" to other things. That is exactly what they want to do:

"Generally speaking, what we want is for people to be confused," said Willi Ladner, a deputy mayor in Bohmte. "When they’re confused, they’ll be more alert and drive more carefully."

The hardest thing will be the readjustment period…

It is something you expect whenever you deregulate anything.

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  1. This is pretty interesting. We should check back into this in a while.

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