The Unchanging Changers By: Not Albert Speer

Change is the key word for this presidential election. Every candidate, regardless of political orientation and ideology, has promised to Al3bring significant change to the White House. Looking back on history, it appears that change isn’t quite the rarity we assume it to be. FDR promised to end the Great Depression with his New Deal. Eisenhower promised to change America by strengthening our opposition to communism. Kennedy said he would change our nation by improving liberties and social policies. Nixon would change foreign policy by getting us out of Vietnam. Carter declared he would change the government by removing corruption. Reagan said he would change the government by shrinking it. Bush senior promised he would change our economy for the better, mostly with tax cuts. Clinton offered to change almost everything, but especially healthcare and other social issues. Bush junior said he would change America by strengthening the economy and bring morality to the White House. Well, seems that change is more like the status quo. The lesson we learn from this, is that change itself is not an important quality in a presidential candidate. Rather, consider what kind of change each candidate promises to make. What candidates do you feel, will bring the best change for America, and if so why?

Here are a couple of my opinions:

John Edwards: Edwards isn’t truly new to Washington, but his focus on the citizen and consumer are unique. The former Senator will likely attempt to reform healthcare by raising taxes. I believe Edwards will introduce the greatest overall amount of economic regulation, though much of it may fail.

Mike Huckabee: The former minister’s changes to the government will have little to do with morality, as I feel his marriage ideas won’t go too far in congress. However, I do feel Huck will try to drastically change the federal tax system. This has big change potential. If he is successful, especially if he improves efficiency, this could be the biggest change since the New Deal legislation.

Barrack Obama: Obama is perhaps the candidate who most speaks about change. The freshman Senator promises change simply because he is new to Washington. Obama also says he will improve many social & economic issues, as well as scale back America’s involvement in Iraq. Of all the candidates, I think Obama’s proposed changes are the broadest, and most hopeful. I feel that most of these will face opposition from both parties.

John McCain: McCain is the oldest of all the candidates, and uses the word change the least. While some people equate that to mean he will bring the least change, I think it’s because he’s tired of saying/hearing the word. Although McCain is a moderate, I feel his change will be in introducing conservative policies that are popular, and pretty effective.

Rudy Giuliani: The former NY mayor is big on defense and economic efficiency. I think Rudy will be open to liberal legislation on marriage and other social issues. Of all the conservative candidates, I think Rudy faces the most opposition from Congress, so his changes may be pretty limited.

Hillary Clinton: Citing her work as a First Lady and Senator, Clinton is an experienced changer. Although Hillary has been touting universal healthcare for years, a big portion of her campaign funds are from big-health industries. Oh well. I do think Hillary will focus on regulation of healthcare, and other economic issues. Also, look for “relaxed” focus on Iraq and defense.

Mitt Romney: Forget about social issues, I see Romney focusing on the economy and Iraq. Romney is one of the more “general-change” candidates, but I think he will have specific success on the economy and foreign policy. Change

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