The People’s Tyrant By: Not Albert Speer

Hugo Chavez, near-dictator of oil nation Venezuela, is Al3back in the news. For those who are unsure, Chaves is the flaming socialistic leader who is dedicated to establishing a communistic dictatorship around a central individual……himself. We thought Hugo was done, when his own people made a statement of dissatisfaction. With the economy struggling, the people of Venezuela voted against allowing Hugo to reign as president- for-life.

Well old Chavez is pretty tenacious; he’s announcing reforms to his reform, hoping to re-launch his revolution after some “improvements”. Hugo has promised to regain the support of the people, and bring socialism back into favor. With America pondering who will lead us for the next 4 years, it’s important to choose a candidate that can handle people like Hugo. The Venezuelan is not without public support though, and the situation must be handled with tact, if democracy is to survive. What presidential candidate do you think is most qualified to handle this scenario, and why so?

Just for kicks, here’s a couple of my opinions:

Mike Huckabee: His foreign policy grows stronger as conservative primaries approach. Huck has voiced specific solutions to specific problems. I like this concept, but don’t forget about Huck’s inexperience at foreign policy.

Hillary Clinton: Hillary’s record on fighting socialism is limited, but her foreign policy stands out as being soft.  Clinton may gain support among the Venezuelan people, but she may be easy-going on Chavez himself.

John McCain: After hearing McCain speak on foreign policy lately, I not quite the fan I was a few weeks ago.  Nonetheless, McCain has a solid record of taking the fight to the enemy.  The senator might not have the most-friendly policy, but I believe he’ll help stop the bleeding of democracy.

Barrack Obama: Of all the Democratic candidates, has the broadest policy on promoting democracy, and stopping communism.  I feel his policy is also the weakest at making long-term progress. Like Hillary, I think Obama focuses more on American image, than influence.

Rudy Giuliani: Rudy is tough on some things, a softy on others.  The former mayor has no record of fighting socialism, or anything close.  However, he promises some specific ideas, which sounds like a good start.

John Edwards: As with general foreign policy, I feel Edwards is the weakest candidate. In addition to major cutbacks on security and defense funding, I feel Edwards will neglect Venezuelan democracy to a large degree.

Mitt Romney: The Massachusetts Governor has recently voiced strong commitments to several foreign interests, and security as a whole. While this is a good stance for immediate defense, Venezuela is not a terrorist nation.  I am waiting to hear a specific Romney suggestion that is somewhere between a discussion and a blunt instrument.

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