Iraq, Who? :by Not Albert Speer

Iraq chinook If your paying attention to the Presidential candidates, you may have noticed a hot topic that’s cooled down. It would be the American occupation of Iraq. For the most part, candidates from both parties are largely avoiding the topic in every environment. This is very interesting, considering that Iraq was the single most popular topic in public opinion poles, just months ago. So what does this mean, could this be bad? Well, it depends.

For the American public, the issue of Iraq is still a major factor in considering their choice for president. This implies that candidates are intentionally avoiding the controversial issue. The reason why, depends on the candidate. Even a few months ago, virtually every American policy in Iraq was a clear failure. Insurgent levels were maintaining, despite a record budget to rid the nation of violent, extremist groups. No WMD’s and cyclical violence were a nagging insult to lost lives and crushed dreams. Yet, a few thousand more soldiers and a couple months, and the recent surge seems to be making incredible progress. General violence is way down, will Iraqis are enjoying more and more peace every day. Candidates who once declared the war wrong on a daily basis, are essentially eating their words. Meanwhile, long-time proponents of the war have an opportunity to trump "I told you so’s". However, many candidates have been divided on Iraq, and current events allow them to take a brief and opportunistic stance. So, how do you think Iraq will play out over the course of the election? What candidates’ stances do you feel are rooted in a fact-solid philosophy, rather than temporary neutrality/avoidance?


Here are some of my opinions, take them or leave em!

Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, Rudy Guiliani, and Fred Thompson: These four conservatives have all generally supported the Bush Administration over time. While each candidate has a slightly different policy when it comes to specifics, their policies agree on numerous fundamental conditions. I feel that these candidates have mostly conservative-rooted philosophies on foreign policy, which directly accounts for their views on Iraq. For the most part, I feel the mild avoidance by these candidates on Iraq, is due to timing. While the surge appears to be a complete success, only time will tell. And nothings kills a candidate quicker than committing to an unpopular, and possibly unfixable occupation.

Barrack Obama and John Edwards: These two have been very quite when it comes to Iraq. Obama has flip-flopped when it comes to funding the occupation, but he admitted fault with his early stance.  While Hillary often criticizes Obama’s record, her own has been consistently against the American occupation. With the surge appearing as a success, and supporting facts fading, both of these candidates are seldom to fully discuss their views.

John Edwards: When it came to Iraq, Edwards had an uneasy, neutral position for a while. Then, about 2 years ago, Edwards emerged with the most liberal viewpoint of any candidate to date. Edwards is supporting a complete and immediate withdrawal ASAP, citing and "anything can go wrong" viewpoint. I feel his desire to leave immediately is rooted in public opinion poles, and may change if Americans feel differently.

John McCain: McCain is the most consistently conservative of any candidate on Iraq. McCain fully supports the occupation, the surge, and any needed additions if needed. The Arizona Senator is also touting his views, reminding America that his votes have led to gradual but clear success.

Not Albert Speer *please note: The circumstances leading to the American invasion of Iraq and early invasion decisions were significantly influenced by false and questionable information. As a result, I have not considered these corrupted events when passing judgement on any of the candidates mentioned.    

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