Whale, Anyone? :by Not Albert Speer

ereBeeched Pilot WhalesBeginning in November, Japanese fishing ships set sail for a rare prey….whales. About 1000 of them.  InternatNot Albert Speerional  whaling is a criminal act recognized by nearly every ocean-bordered country in the world (or at least the UN).  Whaling has been outlawed since the late 1960’s, though illegal hunts and other exceptions still  exist.  Several months ago, Cetacean Research of Tokyo, declared they would send a small fleet in search of a few specimens.  Cetacean claims the whales will be used for scientific research, a claim that can sometimes sway the judgement of the international community.  However, many critics claim that the whales will mostly "disappear", in sales to black market consumers.  The claims are well founded, as numerous Japanese "research" hunts have previously resulted in black-market sales.

As the hunting crews set sail, activists from Greenpeace became involved. Greenpeace ships intercepted the hunting fleet off the coast of Antarctica, deterring them from their task cnn.com.  While Cetacean declares the activists’ actions as "illegal interference", Greenpeace vows to stop the whaling by any and all peaceful means .

Who is right and who is wrong? Perhaps both. While the researchers are gaining valuable data from their hunt, unsanctioned sales are almost certain to occur. As for the activists, they are proclaiming that peaceful interference never hurt anyone.  Not exactly.  Although far better than bullets, Greenpeace’s actions are costing Cetacean allot of money. Money than translates into jobs (and so on).  While I agree with the activists’ hopes of ending commercial whaling in all its forms, I would like to see definitive action on the behalf of the UN council.  Black market whaling does not have an easy solution, but it’s also not that difficult to contain.  A resolution that deals specifically with situations like these, would stop deceitful whaling, and deter future problems for anyone.  But that’s my opinion, what do you think should be done?  

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