The Narrowing Tunnel

GOP elephant For the past several weeks, the GOP nominee race has been filled with uncertainty. There has been no clear front-runner, as no candidate has earned more than one "big" victory. Well, that might be changing. At the time this post was written, John McCain is the projected winner of the South Carolina GOP Primary. The combination of South Carolina and New Hampshire are an advantageous start. If McCain does win, Huck will finish with a very close second. This shows that Mike Huckabee still has support outside Iowa, and is still a very big part of this race.

Disappointing is the performance of Mitt Romney. Mitt was looking like a very strong candidate this summer, but with only a small victory in Michigan, Romney is starving for a real victory. Romney has failed to capture a major component of the GOP demographic; such as Huck’s evangelical Christians or McCain’s moderates. Although Mitt promised to run until February, it seems his dreams will die before then.

As for Thompson and Paul, those two have been in the corner for a while. I don’t see any real reason for these two to continue campaigning, unless they just enjoy spending people’s money.

Perhaps most disappointing is Rudy Giuliani. The strongest candidate only months ago, Rudy is fighting for his political life. With no significant victory to account for, Florida may be the concession state for the former mayor.

As this race boils down, I feel the nomination is far less contested than it was leaving the high schools of suburban Iowa. With Huck and John leading the pack, I feel the attention these two are receiving will take a heavy toll on other candidates struggling to survive.  While the GOP nomination may not be known until the convention, I believe it will be between McCain and Huckabee. But that’s my opinion, what’s your’s? 

by: Not Albert Speer

Not Albert Speer

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  1. You say its narrowing, but Mitt Romney is the one leading both of those men in the amount of delegates they have to the convention. I personally see this more of a three way lead with McCain Romney and Huckabee at the lead. We will have to see how Guilani does with his “big state strategy” in order to really see wheres it going. I agree with the two you picked, but I have to throw in a third, Mitt Romney

  2. You overstated the Romney plight. I am a Thompson guy and I know the position of my candidate, but Romney’s hopes were revived by a big win in Michigan (not small by any margin). McCain diverted money and staff to Michigan to try and end Romney, but was unable to do so.

    And obviously with a 50%+ showing in Nevada that helped counter the media coverage McCain received from South Carolina.

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