Blogging Billboard for Sunlight

I love the Sunlight Foundation. I never have figured out how I got on their mailing lists but I am not complaining one bit.

This is because they are constantly coming up with better and better ideas…

Their newest one is, this web site is for you to go on and look at Senators and Congressmen, then you can look at the bills they propose and the ones that pass.

I have been wanting a web site like this for a long time.

Each bill even has a "bill status widget" that goes through the process.

  • Voted on by the House
  • Voted on by the Senate
  • Considered by the President
  • Bill signed into law

It also has "In the News" for each bill so that you can see what the media is saying, along with of course "Blog Coverage."

There is much more so check it out for yourself and maybe the Sunlight Foundation will start paying me for advertisements or give me an internship this summer.

I have even added a "Free Trade Widget" to my blog so now any bill that had to do with free trade will appear. I would imagine it isn’t that many.

I only have one complaint and maybe I just do not know how to do it, but the site has many RSS feeds and not one that is a general bill one. I would love to see if they have a RSS feed for all the bills to see what goes on daily in Congress.

Maybe this will come soon.

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  1. I was surprised by the easy passage of the Peru FTA…and hopefully Columbia will go the same way.

    What about you?

  2. Yeah, definitely it is good that they are doing this but there are always back door stuff they try to do… so it is better than before but not perfect

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