Google Terrorist, if you dare…

"Samina Malik, a slight 23-year-old in a headscarf, last month became the first Muslim woman to be convicted of a terrorism offense in Britain when she was found guilty of collecting library of jihadist manuals from the internet. This week Miss Malik, who worked at an airport bookstore and called herself the "lyrical terrorist" in online forums, was given a suspended nine-month prison sentence and community service."

This is from the Economist and an article I found interesting, in relation to America’s Patriot Act. Britain has a Terrorism Act and she was violating section 57 possessing any article "for terrorist purposes."

Is this a violation of our first amendment rights? Will the United States and other countries begin to monitor what you search?

If someone is doing a research paper on jihadists they could be in trouble with the law…

I am sure there are terrorist who use the Internet but where do we draw the line?

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  1. It seems that an individual’s internet usage is already somewhat administered by government. Both State and Federal Courts recognize any and all internet activity as incriminating evidence towards any punishable crime. So there is already a sense of responsibility for our internet use.

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