Quality of Life

The quality of my life is something I take pretty seriously. I am always trying to maximize my experience in everything I do (though I don’t always succeed). Since I feel I’m not alone on this, I thought I would share something interesting:

In 2005 the Economist magazine published a list of nations, ranking them in order of providing the greatest quality-of-life to citizens. This ranking system considered factors such as: GDP, income per household, life expectancy, freedom of speech, social equality, law enforcement and so on.

Here are the top 5:

1 Ireland

2 Switzerland

3 Norway

4 Luxembourg 

5 Sweden

Also noteworthy…..

13 US

14 Canada

29 UK

60 China

So why exactly is the US not #1? The average American makes more money than the average Irishman, has greater personal wealth, and lives in the land of the free and home of the brave. But maybe money isn’t everything. The Irish live far longer, drink cleaner water, eat healthier, deal with less pollution, pay fewer in taxes, and enjoy similar social freedoms as Americans. Also, the Emerald Isle is boasting an extremely robust and hardly-restricted form of capitalism. This means that the Irish aren’t enjoying conditions that were produced by some form of socialism.

Then again, this list is by no means perfect. While I try to improve myself and my environment whenever possibly, I must be pragmatic. The US has long led the fight to keep capitalism and democracy a significant part of this world. Many nations today owe their sovereignty to the US. We Americans have it pretty good these days; and there are far more countries wanting to be the US, than those looking down on us. But that’s my opinion, what’s your’s?  


by: Not Albert Speer

Not Albert Speer

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