A Super Tuesday for Who?

On this glorious day of political frenzy, who will benefit most? It’s darn hard to say. This is truly a unique time in American history; most people alive can’t remember when both parties were so split, so open to a foray of candidates. Based on recent voter turnout, this presidential election could be the most engaging in modern American history. So the question remains, who will reap the most from this holipolusa of primaries? Allow me to go state-by-state, and offer a prediction to whom will collect. I have based my predictions on data from CNN, and my own personal analysis.

AR- Huckabee, Clinton

AL- Huckabee, Obama

AZ- McCain, Clinton

AK- Huckabee

CT- McCain, Obama

CA- McCain, Obama

CO- Romney, Clinton

DE- McCain, Obama

GA- Huckabee, Obama

IL- McCain, Obama

KS- Obama

MA- Romney, Clinton

ME- McCain

MN- Romney, Obama

MO- Huckabee, Clinton

MT- Romney

ND- Romney, Obama

NM- Clinton

NJ- McCain, Clinton

NY- McCain, Clinton

OK- McCain, Clinton

TN- Huckabee, Clinton

UT- Romney, Obama

WV- Huckabee

The two parties have different system for allocating delegates. While Democrats assign delegates proportionately, Republicans utilize a "winner-take-all" system. Assuming the primaries play out as I have listed, there will be two "winning" candidates: McCain and Clinton. However, for the Democrats, the split-delegate system will keep the race very close.

by: Not Albert Speer

Not Albert Speer

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