One Immigration Solution…

Economist Gary Becker has one solution to the fea_econ02immigration problem. He believes that selling the rights to be a legal immigrant is the best idea.

"This approach would lead to acceptance of greater numbers of legal immigrants, perhaps by a lot, since the revenue from the payments by immigrants could replace other taxes. Paying for the right to immigrate would also negate the argument that immigrants get a free ride because they gain access to health care and other benefits. Moreover, making immigrants pay for to come attracts the type of immigrants who came much earlier in American history: younger men and women who are reasonably skilled, and who want to make a long-term commitment to the United States. These types would be more willing to pay a perhaps sizable price for admission because they would stand to benefit significantly from migrating. To prevent the price from excluding young and ambitious men and women who would like to immigrate but do not have the financial means, the US government could encourage a loan program to help finance the cost of immigrating that would be similar to the loans available to college students. The analogy to college students is close since immigration is also an investment in human capital."

He would also allow current illegal immigrants to be able to purchase there chance to be legal residences. This would then allow us to keep the people who want to be highly beneficial to America, while we can look for the people that are going to come and just create a nest egg and go home.

Does anyone think this is a good idea?

The rest of his post is here.

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  1. I very much agree with these ideas. My only question is would there be a difference in price for those illegals already in the US. I think there should not be, because it would then discourage illegal residence and not give a reward for cheating the system.

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