Is McCain the GOP Man?

If you’re a conservative Republican, you’re probably pondering McCain’s recent success. John McCain has a tremendous advantage in obtaining the GOP nomination, as no contender has nearly as many delegates. However, McCain is not a hard-lining conservative, especially on social issues. Many of his decisions have been moderate, some are borderline liberal. Given his record and positions, many social conservatives have voiced disappointment with the Arizona Senator. There are even Republicans who say they will not even vote if McCain receives the nomination.

So my question is, will nominating McCain be the best thing for the GOP? I feel this issue demands much scrutiny, and I will discuss it on more than one post.

Let’s start by considering the nature of the GOP today: The Republican party has seen its greatest variety in political ideology since the Reagan days. Don’t be too thrilled; I think it’s mostly due to the current disapointment with the Bush administration. The Bush administration is essentially taking heat from constituitional Republicans, those who oppose mass-corporate welfare, and ultra-social conservatives. The disapointment of these groups has led to the rise of candidates like Ron Paul. Senator McCain has gained popularity by the growing majority of Republican moderates. Moderate politicians always do well in fairly neutral environments, because they appeal to so many mixed-ideology voters.

So, is McCain’s position as a moderate benaficial to the Presidential race? Well I think so. In fact, I think it’s nearly detrimental. With Democrats amassing so much support throughout the nomination process, I think the GOP needs every moderate vote that can be found. What do you think?

by: Not Albert Speer

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