Is McCain the GOP Man?, pt 2

Last time, I defended McCain as a good front runner for the GOP, citing his position as a moderate. Now I will examine whether McCain’s lack of social conservatism will hurt his chances at the Presidency.

Senator McCain is obviously not a hard-lining conservative. His record on social issues is pretty moderate, perhaps even liberal in areas like immigration. Various media moguls have been projecting a sort of mass-disapproval by true conservatives. Fox News, CNN and other mainstream American sources have even aired conservative figures promising not to vote Republican if McCain is nominated. So, is this a serious threat to a McCain candidacy?

I doubt it. The social conservative sect of the GOP has long been dominant, but we know their influence is shrinking rapidly. If social conservatives disapprove of McCain, the time to show it is during the primary, not the Presidential race. This is because we know that party loyalty is crucial to victory in a close race. While a candidate like McCain may not represent everything a conservative stands for, he is a universe closer than Clinton or Obama. Considering the public’s disapproval of the Bush administration, I feel the Democrats have the advantage of popularity going into November. To put it frankly, look at it this way: if a social conservative votes McCain, they lose a little on social issues, if they don’t vote at all, they lose on virtually every issue.

Of course, any GOP voter with half a brain is well aware of this, and will likely vote GOP anyway. Recent polls have suggested McCain will get most would-be GOP votes, regardless of any political differences.

So let me ask all voters; if your party’s nomination for president differs with you on a key issue, would you refuse to support his campaign?

by: Not Albert Speer

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