Smoke, Smoke, Smoke that Cigarette…

The BBC is reporting that the U.K. is going to be selling permits to smoke. It would be just like getting a driver’s licence.

“Smokers would have to get a licence to light up under the planSmokers could be
forced to pay £10 for a permit to buy tobacco if a government health
advisory body gets its way. No one would be able to buy cigarettes
without the permit, under the idea proposed by Health England. “

I personally think this is not a completely bad idea. Smokers get taxed as much as it is now, but if the point is to reduce the amount of smokers this is probably more smart. This is attached to something they don’t need as bad a cigarette, so in their mind they do not mind the tax.

When it comes to government revenue, the way to make the most money is by taxing all cigarette purchases. This is because if someone who didn’t buy the licence wanted to have a cigarette once and a while they, under this new law, would probably not do that.

Those who are addicted to a substance will definately buy both the licence and continue paying the tax on tobacco.

I personally believe that any tax on cigarettes is a tax on the poorer citizens. More poor people smoke than rich. This tax is not a good one, but for the government in trying to reduce the amount of smokers plus raise revenue this is a good policy from the governments stand point.

“He is openly bragging that he wants to make the form as complex as possible to
fill in.”

This is even worse to add to the poor factor of the possiblity of being illiterate and having a difficult time with the form.

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