New England Patriots Won the Super Bowl… in Africa

This from Reuters:

“Hundreds of shirts and caps, which had been manufactured in advance to celebrate the Patriots’ expected victory over the New York Giants, were handed over to children in the southern city of Diriamba.”

“The children are the winners,” said Miriam Diaz, of World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization.”

It is very hard to argue against kids in Africa getting free clothes but I do believe there should have been other things that should have been taken in account.

What about the people that work in the factories there that make clothes. They have to compete with free apparel. This has been something that has gone on for a long time, not just in the clothing industries.

This is very common in the agricultural industry. We subsidize corn and then buy the excess to keep the price control stable. They then store the corn and provide it as “aid” to Africa. They end up putting a lot of farmers out of business and make people dependent on the United States.

This is even worse than the clothing industry because farming is what the most under developed nations focus on and have a large amount of. Clothing and textiles are then the next step.

So is this really a good thing for Africa or are we creating a dependence on U.S. in Africa?
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    But turning the free aid spout creates outfits like this.

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