Freedom for All?

After a long vote, and much anticipation, the small region of Kosovo has declared its independence from Serbia. There is something “cold-war-ish” about this whole affair. Serbia is a former member of the Soviet Union, and is best remembered for attempting its own little ethnic cleansing back in the 90’s. Serbia is still very close with Putin’s Russia, and their social-economic policies are very similar.

Russia has condemned Kosovo’s latest move, predicting that a real independence would lead to major problems. The Great Bear claims that poor decision making will lead to economic problems, and possibly violence. Of course the Serbian government agrees (it’s just too embarrassing to have part of your country just revolt away). The two nations have been hounding the UN for support, and have asked for an emergency hearing on the issue.

At the same time, many other nations are supporting the small revolution. While the European Union is officially uneasy, many members seem to approve the breakaway. President Bush has been very careful about his stance; which I interpret as not being truly supportive. I say this because Bush knows that talking loudly about the event in positive terms is the best way to show public support, anything else is essentially saying “whatever”. Although conservatives may think the U.S. is being too ignorant, Russia and Bush may actually have a good point. If Kosovo encounters any economic turmoil, American tax-money will go overseas. If a war starts, so will American boots and tanks. Considering the budgets and public sentiment of both nations, neither Russia nor the U.S. want to fight someone else’s war….right now.

Yet, I would like to see the people of Kosovo lead a responsible revolution, one where a minimum of jobs and lives are lost. But that’s my opinion, what’s yours?

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