Save a Tree, Write a book…

t-shirtsaveatree In my class yesterday, we discussed how there is a movement to save trees by not printing out emails.

This is what Economists love to laugh at because if you do what they tell you to do there will be less trees in the world.

How is this so?

Supply and Demand…

If you buy less or no paper then no one will be in the business of planting trees for consumption. This will cause the supply of the trees to go down because of demand.

You might say this is a good thing, but trees will then be cut down for no reason. They are a renewable resource therefore it would be dumb to do that.

The picture above will be more effective at saving trees than trying to stop using paper.

If you want there to be more trees then you should buy paper and throw them in the trash.

Think about why the Cow and the Chicken are not going extinct and why other animals who we aren’t allowed to own do go extinct…

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  1. I think this is a great point. I noticed that in the US, we have actually seen a resurrection in the quantity of trees. Believe it or not, there are more trees in the US today that at any point in the last century. You could make the point that trees are getting lower internationally, but that will probably rise too, as demand for trees fuels planting.

    I have only one argument that the concept of consumption doesn’t help the demand of: species of trees. See paper is produced from virtually any tree, so once big, rare and expensive trees are gone, only cheap ones will be planted (the demand for saving the rare ones like teak is too low to combat the paper consumer market). By the time Chinese and other international companies realize that planting ALL trees will eventually pay off, most rare species will actually be long gone.

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