Mo Money

It’s funny how after 200 years of representation, our nation still has yet to instill a complete system regarding campaign finance. Republican Presidential candidate John McCain is dealing with this very problem.

Back in the fall, the Arizona Senator was having more than a little trouble with his early campaign. After some major financial problems, the November hopeful accepted public funds for campaign purposes. Public campaign financing comes with a strict dollar-limit. Once a candidate has accepted public money, or the promise of it, for any reason, he cannot lawfully reverse the process. This is to ensure that a candidate can’t take federal money, than “change his mind”, and return borrowed funds and deny promised money. If this were allowed, candidates could withdraw our taxes, spend freely, then as success brought more contribution, they could return the funds and go on without a spending limit.

McCain accepted public money on a matching basis, therefore sealing his financing to a regulated limit. The Senator has now motioned to withdraw from the public funding, a move that FEC Chairman David Mason is questioning as illegal.

While I feel that most politicians are individuals with little morals of any kind, I am disappointed with McCain’s actions. McCain has been a huge proponent of campaign finance reform, and his recent maneuver is rather ironic. At the same time, Democrats are taking advantage of the situation for political reasons.

In my opinion, the use of public money in campaign finance is not a great idea, because it offers tax money to finance countless individuals (and a million other reasons). Perhaps the conclusion of this election will demonstrate some reasons to alter campaign finance in a big way (like eliminating public funding altogether).

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  1. McCain never cashed any of the public financing checks. Which would mean he isn’t returning any money.

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