So What is a Purely Capitalistic Society? Part I

capitalismrocks Most people voted that they wouldn’t think we would ever see a capitalistic society and they wouldn’t want one.

So what is a Capitalistic society? Everyone is going to have a different definition.

Conservatives might think a world in which the markets can do everything but a few economic functions and the government would control most social functions.

Libertarians might think it is a world that the government is used for three things and the market would take care of the rest. The three are National Defense, Police, and Courts.

Anarcho-Capitalists would think that as long as we had property rights everything could be taken by the market.

So what is truly free market and capitalistic? I personally still fall under the libertarian view, even though my professor says he will convince me the other way towards Anarcho-Capitalism.

I believe that Communists, Socialists, and Fascists all do not what a capitalistic society at all. They believe property rights oppress people and workers.

Conservatives and possibly Democrats (liberals) want some form of hybrid version. Democrats obviously want it to sway more towards socialism.

Conservatives are an interesting case, as I used to be one. They seem to want the government to control society in a social context. They believe government can enforce morality, which I find ironic because the governments monopoly power is violence.

There are certain other things that conservatives do that do not seem to be very capitalist oriented. This may be a recent thing but hopefully on the side of economics they will fall with the libertarians.

So far a Capitalistic society is one where the government does not interfere with people in the market place and let them have freedoms in the human rights aspect too. This is called a market economy.

In part two, which maybe a while from now we will discuss: can a government raise revenue if it is not in the market place? If so, does allowing them to do the big three make it a purely Capitalistic society? Are we better off with or without a government? a.k.a. Is government a necessary evil to protect peoples rights?

Or has government been the main tool of infringement on people rights?

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