Quote, Poll Results, and New Poll

Usually I post a great quote that is intelligent and good, not this one.

…attempts to repeal the trade deal [NAFTA] "would probably result in more job losses than job gains in the United States."

~Barrack Obama

I would like to know his economic reasoning for this…

Poll Results:

Do you plan on voting for John McCain, if not why?

  1. Yes 47%
  2. No, because he is too left wing 23%
  3. No, because he is too right wing 0%
  4. No, because other people are running 9%
  5. No, other 4%
  6. Not going to vote at all 14%

I was quite surprised to see many of my readers voting for McCain. I wonder why… Discuss here if you would like.

New Poll:

After reading the debate between whether we have reached peak oil or not, do you think we will run out of oil?

  • Yes, we have reached peak oil and we will run out
  • Yes, we have reached peak oil but we will innovate
  • No, we have not reached peak oil
  • No, we will never reach peak oil because we will constantly innovate

This should be an interesting poll…

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  1. Just one concern with the combination of statements in the poll choices. “We have reached peak oil” is not the same as “and we will run out.” Peak Oil is the proposition that we have reached (or will reach) a point where oil production will begin an inexorable decline due to geological limitations. It does not mean that we run out of oil–just that we have less and less each year. If the market is allowed to function (this may be a big assumption with something as emotional/symbolic/political), this won’t lead to shortages. Peak Oil predicts a declining logistics curve in oil production, where the actual production would (effectively) never actually reach zero.

    Bottom line: I’d prefer to see the poll option re-phrased as “We’ve reached peak oil and will never produce more than we do now,” etc. Right now I find my self simultaneously agreeing with contradictory portions of the first AND last option–I think that we have reached peak oil (A), and I think that we will never run out of oil (B).

  2. Well it was in reference to that debate… I do not see how how you can say production will decline but we will not run out without accounting for innovation to solve the problem…. how else will production decline and not run out? Would we have constant production at low levels?

    Hope this helps

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