Trouble in Bogota

Once again, we are graced by the magical media presence of Hugo Chavez. Hugo recently responded to Columbian military action with arms of his own.

Feed up with the anti-Columbian left-wing rebels residing in Venezuela, the US-backed Bogota government used military action against the 30-year old rebels. Chavez is using the event (that occurred slightly within Venezuelan territory) to criticize the US. The socialist dictator has ordered “10 battalions” to the border between the two nations, stating that war was an option if necessary.

Chavez has justified his actions and convictions against the Columbian government by citing the American support their. Hugo declares the US is an “evil empire”, and that the Columbian officials are American pawns.

I think Chavez’ actions are typical of a socialist leader that sees his philosophy threatened by extinction. While the Columbians may not have a perfect nation, they are enduring more prosperity in the environment of capitalism than in Chavez’ socialist dreams. If the Columbians are able to use military action against socialist rebels, in the home of a socialist nation, than Hugo doesn’t look so in control.

As for war, I doubt it. Oil rich Venezuela may have a relatively nice military, but they don’t have a lot of money, or enthusiasm. After failing to obtain rule-for-life via general election, Chavez is aware his nation is not completely satisfied with his decision making. I doubt they would enjoy a hopeless war with an American backed neighbor.

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  1. You are letting your ideology get in the way of understanding even the basic facts of the case–a problem which results in your not even seeing one of the best reasons to criticize Chavez’s actions from your typical “ignorant American” point of view: the action occurred in Ecuador, not Venezuela. On the other hand, your position–that the US is justified in intervening wherever it wants to in defense of its interests–seems to bolster Chavez’s basic complaint about the US as an Empire.

    Further, you act as if this comes completely out of the blue, as if the Columbian government hadn’t asked Chavez to intervene in its own relations several months ago, but then got annoyed when his success made them look bad–and the US got annoyed that it made Chavez look good, especially to people who, unlike yourself, take a little more time to observe actual evidence on the ground before making a decision of how to perceive and event (or to call a democratically elected president a dictator). In this case, it is objectively an attempt to kill not only an individual (Reyes) who was helping to begin a negotiated settlement that could possibly bring the conflict between the FARC and the government to an end, but also to reduce the possibility that those negotiations would make one of the US’s adversaries look good.

    Finally, your ridiculous notion that the economy in Colombia functions to provide some overwhelmingly positive effect to the bulk of its citizens is second only to your apparent ignorance about the success, however marginal, Venezuela is having with organizing citizens to create change in their own communities alongside the state re-distribution of oil revenues, in proving that you really should stick to pointing your pithy glances of unsupported arrogance to events closer to home. The argument isn’t for Chavez (or anyone else) being perfect or beyond criticism: it’s simply that you and your narrow view of the world aren’t either. There is nothing about Colombia (or the US support for it) that can make it some sort of innocent player in events, after years of support for paramilitaries which have terrorized people as much as the FARC, and recent revelations within the congress of these scandals. It’s really not enough to learn the basics of Econ 101 and then assume you understand everything in the entire world.

  2. Dude read who does the posts I am the only Economist… do you research before you beat people with personal attacks and look stupid.

    To make this more simple, it’s written by someone else…

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