True Showing of Demand

 OswaldRubyThere is going to be many items that are for auction and very rare and we will see how much "demand" there is out there for this items.

This from Reuters:

"Collected over the past 25 years by South Florida property developer Anthony Pugliese, the collection, which also includes a whip and the holy grail from "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade," will be put up for auction next month in Las Vegas."

Some of the items are:

  • Indiana Jones Whip
  • Lee Harvey Oswald’s Gun that killed Kennedy
  • Sword from the movie Braveheart
  • Revolver that Jack Ruby used to kill Oswald
  • Oswald’s Toe Tag and Hair
  • Jacket from John Lennon’s Imagine Video
  • Wedding dress from Madonna’s I’m a Virgin Video
  • Superman costume worn by Christopher Reeves
  • Andy Warhol paintbrush
  • J. Edgar Hoover, founder of the FBI’s badge
  • Elizabeth’s wig from Cleopatra
  • Jacket Brandon Lee was wearing when he was accidentally shot

This will definitely an interesting auction to watch. Do you think the prices of these items are going to go up? Or is the novelty going to be lost generation to generation?

If they do appreciate it will be a good investment since the housing, stock, and currency markets do not look so good.

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  1. I’d put my money on John Lennon’s Jacket- can you ‘imagine’ all of the baby boomer diehard Beatles fans? In fifteen or twenty years, they will be hanging out in nursing homes sitting on their pile of money wishing for a piece of the good ol’ days. These old guys would shit their Depends for something that brought them back to their youth.

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