If only Franklin D. Roosevelt was as smart as George W. Bush in domestic crises

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In the Friday edition of the Financial Times it was discussing Bush’s stance on the Democrats’ housing crisis plan.

I found this interesting:

"…Mr. Bush laid out his opposition to the bill, which would give judges power to rewrite mortgage contracts arguing that would lead to higher interest rates because of the increased risk lenders would face."

George W. Bush understand’s Economics here and I am impressed. His office also said he would veto the bailout to the lenders because:

"…they believe that it would prolong the time it would takes for the housing market to adjust and recover, and it would lead to higher interest rates."

Someone should have told FDR all of this when he was bailing banks and increasing government spending to try to help us out in the short-run and instead hurt us in the long-run.

Not to bash FDR too much, but I believe his political endeavors towards the United States policy still haven’t been fixed, if anything they have gotten worse. (Ex: Subsidies, Social Security, Unemployment benefits…)

Veto it Bush!

There are very few things that I agree with Bush on anymore but this is one of them for sure…

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  1. That’s a good point against FDR’s economic policies. It’s too bad these concepts are not taught to the general public. But then again, we might not have anyone with liberal-economic ideas walking around.

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