Calm down and eat your greens…

This is from The Independent:

"Scientists from Oxford University say the effect of nutrition on behaviour has been underestimated. They say increases in consumption of "junk" food over the past 50 years have contributed to a rise in violence.

In a pilot study of 231 prisoners by the same researchers, published in 2002, violent incidents while in custody were cut by a more than a third among those given the supplements. Overall, offences recorded by the prison authorities fell by a quarter."

I could see this being true. To me, if you give prisoners broccoli and other good foods they might riot for some donuts. I know I would.

"John Stein, professor of physiology at Oxford University, said: "If you could extrapolate from those results you would see a reduction of a quarter to a third in violent offences in prison. You could reduce violent offences in the community by a third. That would have a huge economic benefit."

How would you reduce it in the community? Would you force citizens to not eat junk food in order to save society?

They would then have to make junk food illegal, if not I could use it as a defense. This is because this finding would go against free will. I would tell the jury right before I punched the head in on my friend who owed me money I ate a dozen donuts. That way it is Krispy Kremes fault.

I can’t wait until I can buy my junk food on the black market, full of trans fats.

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