Governator and Coase

Some people of California are not happy with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his flights to southern California. This from

"As the Los Angeles Times reported last week, the governor has been spending nearly every night in his Brentwood mansion, shuttling between Sacramento and Southern California in his private jet."

This would definitely be an outrage if he was using tax payer money to do this, but he isn’t. The Governor is using his own fortune to do that. He is even buying carbon credits, Al Gores scheme, to offset his carbon footprint.

I have an idea let’s do some Coase theorem for this. All the people that want him to stay in Sacramento and buy a house, buy him a house. Of course, you could argue that him paying for the carbon footprint is paying off the damage he is doing, which is cheaper than the other people buying him a house.

I don’t know the real solution. I just thought of this one. It is a possible but not likely one but the Californians, I am sure, believe that he is infringing upon their rights.

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