Hillary Clinton’s Economist

This is the last of three installments of what Economists are advising what candidates. As sometimes the candidates say one thing and their advisors may say another. Some listen, some don’t. Only will time tell on these.

Today Hillary Clinton’s Economic Advisor: Gene Sperling

This is from Yahoo News:

Little Background:

"Sperling is a longtime member of the Clinton camp. He was national economic adviser to President Bill Clinton and currently is a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, which is run by John Podesta, who served as President Clinton’s chief of staff."

He has also been an advisor and writer to one of my favorite shows "The West Wing."

He wrote a book where he believes that Democrats should embrace growth but equal growth. The belief is that Republicans only want the rich to grow. I personally disagree with this.

There is very little information on his policy positions but this is what I can draw from my research:

  • Seems pro-free trade, even though he claims to have a plan for globalization and keeping jobs.
  • Against increasing the national debt, which is good but seems kind of broad.
  • He believes that an economic stimulus plan would work and that the government can increase growth. I couldn’t disagree more.
  • He believes Bush’s stimulus plan was an excuse to make long-term argument for tax cut. I like a long term excuse for a tax cut.
  • He actually says that running deficits is only good during times to create a stimulus and quote said he supports a move like "the classic John Meynard Keynes" way. Whoa! This is bad. Keynes was proven wrong by Milton Friedman, F.A. Hayek, and Mises. I hope he picks up those books one day.

I have came to the conclusion that he is the worst of the three economic advisors and for this reason I would urge Democrats and Independent to vote for Barack Obama.

Yes, I am endorsing Barack Obama for the Democratic Nomination. He seems to have the best plan for the economy, even with his current protectionist messages.

People often say Hillary Clinton will be easier to beat so Republicans and small government people should urge Democrats to vote for her. I am afraid that a small government candidate cannot win in November. Therefore, I believe if you don’t want a new deal type of government welfare system vote for Barack Obama against Hillary Clinton.

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