Spyplanes for Cops

The Miami-Dade Police department is always looking for new ways to combat crime. After great success in the modern battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, aerial reconnaissance vehicles are next.

The MDPD is currently awaiting the approval of the Federal Aviation Administration to begin the purchase and use of a particular model produced by Honeywell International. The drone model is small, but capable of servicing a huge area of urban Miami with far less resource consumption than a conventional aircraft. The MDPD is also only one of many law-enforcement bodies currently in the market for aerial reconnaissance. The list of potential consumers include the FBI, the Justice Dept. and many others.

I love to hear cases of technology advancing do far in one direction, that it actually creates entirely new markets in others. In this case, we have a weapon critical to modern American military operations that now has a demand in the civilian sector of law enforcement. This case is great because not only will both police and the defense-industry benefit, but the corresponding law enforcement will improve as well.

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