Is the Hummer more efficent than a Prius?

Every environmentalist in the world has made the Hummer their main enemy. There examples of the world going to hell in a hand basket often consist of “These people that drive Hummers…” and some hope that we all go to Prius-like cars.

A recent Slate Magazine article talked about the recent craze that the Hummer is actually more efficient than the Prius. The idea got started through emails like all good rumors. As most rumors some are true and some are untrue. This article takes out all the bias and see what is the science that they are using to come to this conclusion.

“The skeptics’ basic argument is that the Prius‘ battery is irredeemably
un-green, mostly because of its high nickel content and complex manufacturing
process. As a result, “Dust to Dust” contends that a Prius will consume $3.25
worth of energy per mile over its cradle-to-grave lifetime. A Hummer H2, by
contrast, will use $3.03 per mile and the Hummer H3 just $1.95.”

This is very interesting because for the first time people have looked at efficiency at being more than just gas consumption. No one ever says that the Prius is more efficient to make than the Hummer.

Toyota does admit that the energy to create a hybrid is a lot but they believe it makes up for it with the less gas that is consumed later on the road.

My opinion is I seriously doubt this to be true and it is still a long term investment towards using less gas because the production costs may stay relatively fixed. If the costs, which I have no clue what exactly it would be, raises for making hybrids then you would see people starting to notice.

The rest of the article can be found here.
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