Gore’s New Campaign

The biggest mistake Time magazine ever made was naming Putin as 2007’s “Man of the Year”. It should have been Al Gore. The “used to be next President of the United States” is initiating a 3-year, $300 million campaign to “alert” Americans about the significance of global warming. Gore’s aim is to convince the American voter/taxpayer that climate change is not only a problem, but federal and state action must be pursued immediately.

Al Gore has always interested me with his political fervor about climate change, and his hippie-like suggestions as to what to do. When Gore first began discussing global warming back in the early nineties, I don’t think he knew much about economics. Now its probably more like he doesn’t care so much.

From a scientific standpoint, Gore is almost entirely correct about what he claims will happen to the world’s climate (he’s also not a physicist). The problem is, the former Vice-President wants the federal government to put gigantic restrictions on all greenhouse-emitting products, in virtually every market. Gore also wants to restrict greenhouse gas emissions through a sketchy tax system.

Here’s where the Gore Theory breaks down:

If the US is not using as much greenhouse-producing resources any more, than China and the rest of the world are. The only difference is, our economy will do worse while their’s grows. Not so good in the short run. If greenhouse emissions are a problem, than entrepreneurs will have to spend on innovation anyway. Not so good in the long run either. Capping American consumption of greenhouse resources will only make the situation worse for Americans.

Consider this discussion, and see what your thoughts are. Can you find anything else wrong with Gore’s ideas? Do you have a solution/answer of your own? (check out this article) After some time, I will return with some of my own…

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