Like Father Like Son

What few people realize about this next Presidential election, is the situation in which one particular candidate is staking their candidacy. The Iraq war is a huge part of the coming election, and it’s greatest supporter, also has the most to loose.

That is Senator McCain’s own son, is currently serving in Iraq today. John McCain has been an outspoken supporter of the American effort in Iraq, a position which initially drew sharp criticism. As violence decreased, McCain seemed to be on the track to victory, and became more vocal about his opinion.

John McCain rarely if ever mentions the fact that his son is a member of the American military force currently serving in Iraq. While it would be a bit edgy (even for a politician) to use their son as leverage, I feel McCain’s position on Iraq would more agreeable if his stakes were better known. If the Arizona Senator is gravely wrong about the situation in Iraq, he not only faces political devastation, but also the possible loss of a child.

Although the family of politicians rarely receive dangerous positions in any branch of the military, Jimmy McCain is serving in a war zone. It is hard for me to believe that his father, a former Navy pilot, would enact a strategy that would endanger his own child. While I am not a true McCain fan, I lean more to his viewpoint when it comes to a successful Iraq “exit”. I feel that a quick pullout will leave Iraq too immediately unstable, and that a gradual shift in power to a reasonable government will produce the most capitalistic nation over the next decade.

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