Innovative Cigars…

what_is_nub Even something that has been going since man was first around can be innovated and that is tobacco. The tobacco industry has seen a lot of innovation but at the same time public outcry against smoking. As the taxes of cigars and other tobacco goes up, it eats in the entrepreneurs possible profit. No tobacco shop is safe anymore with the wave of smoking bans.

This has not stopped the cigar industry from innovating…

Now introducing the "Nub." It was basically a guy who decided that the sweet spot (best tasting) part of the cigar was about two inches in. He believed that if you made the cigar shorter but more round then it would make the sweet spot bigger.

Like many great inventions, at first, he had a problem trying to get the Oliva family to roll the cigar for him. Supposedly once they tried it they could not say no. I can’t wait to try this cigar.

This goes to show you any industry can have innovation.

The web site for the Nub can be found here.

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