Busting Beer

California State Assemblyman Jim Beall is proposing a hike on the state tax on beer. Beall is offering to raise the tax by $1.80 per six-pack. The raise from its current level is about 1500%. Wow.

Now I’m a pretty capitalistic person that just so happens to enjoy his beer. The idea of paying more for the good stuff is not so appealing to me. I oppose taxes because I feel they are an inefficient way of obtaining a particular goal; and that the result of tax is often worse than the problem they were drafted to fix.

Jim Beall is claiming a somewhat noble cause for the added revenue. According to Mercury News, Beall is proposing that the tax funds would be used to provide funding for healthcare services, crime prevention, and preventative programs aimed at underage drinking. While this may seem like a great way to impact these areas, they really are not. I don’t see this tax hike as a permanent solution to healthcare funding or underage drinking. I know underage drinking is a problem, but lets see parents and families provide action rather than the government (I’ll leave healthcare for another day). As for crime prevention, that sounds nice. I just hope not too much money is wasted as only the government can.

Don’t get me wrong, we can’t have a real government without taxes. Many of the things we need (national defense, courts, ect.) require money. But I’m skeptical of funding the programs Beall has mentioned. I especially feel that beer should be left alone.

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