Hillary on Gun Control

Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has a new stance on gun control: pro. In a lengthy rally in Valparaiso, Ind, Clinton portrayed herself as a church-going, pro gun American. She recalled memories of firearm training as a young girl to explain her position on the always controversial issue.

Wow. Does anyone remember the 90’s? Back then, Bill and Hillary used the terrible high-school shootings to rip on the Second Amendment. Clinton strongly advocated heavy federal regulation of firearms, a move that was fiercely opposed by gun owners across the country. While some restrictions were passed in 1999, the debate still rages today as much as ever. Clinton is in the mists of trying to salvage her campaign amongst fairly conservative, pro-gun states. Obviously, this is strictly a desperate, vote-seeking flip flop. Hillary has no long-term consistency on gun control, other than inconsistency.

I for one, am moderate when it comes to gun control. I feel that allowing the market to decide in the general sense is the best approach. When it comes to pistols (a weapon with no other purpose than to kill human beings), these should have minor regulation. I only say this due to the fact it is so easy for innocent people to be injured from incidental discharges (though it would still be great for the markets to account for this as well).

It is clear to me that Hillary Clinton has no love for gun ownership. Her very deceptive political maneuvering is evident of a desperate politician. If you vote for Clinton, it shouldn’t be due to her stance on gun control.

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